Lack of Confidence Caused by Anxiety and Tension


In continuation of articles regarding social anxiety. As – there are two types of disorders recognized by Social anxiety NYC:

  • a general subtype in which a person fears most of performance or social situations,
  • and a non generalized sub type in which fears are typically limited to public speaking or other performance activities

We go further with our discussions regarding fear and tension. I very much believe, anxiety and self esteem goes hand in hand.

To get the right answer to our lack of confidence, we must answer a few questions for our selves like:

a)Have you wondered what self esteem is and how you get to get more of it for yourself?

b)Do you think your self esteem is low? If you believe it is low, have you coped to figure out the answer to getting more?

c)Do you know how to go and approach people, how to talk to people, and how to go about talking to people?

The list of these types of question is normally endless. Thus at the end we understand that our level of self esteem answers the question of our lack of confidence and regarding how we feel about who we are. We learn about how self esteem is highly correlated to our family situation, and if we do have some self esteem and anxiety issues we can counsel one self, and do not need to  inherit the social anxiety. As per the study of Social anxiety NYC.

Global social anxiety is normally constant.Situational anxiety, unbalanced emotions, and self esteem fluctuates depending on circumstances, roles and events. Situational self esteem and anxiety can be high at one moment of work and low to the next sometimes when we are at home for an example.

Anxiety develops due to some negative evaluation of one self. At the very first moment if one is feeling low and is tensed and depressed. If this this is the case then a person must boost ones esteem and try regaining confidence, by showing the practical merit of the person and help them recover.

This type of evaluation usually occurs when some circumstance we encounter in our life touches on our sensitivities. We personalize the incident and experience physical, emotional and cognitive arousals. This form of state is sometimes so alarming and confusing that we respond by acting in a self defeating or self destructive manner. When that happens, our actions tend to be automatic and impulse driven. We feel upset, emotionally blocked, vague and our thinking narrows, our self care diminishes and we lose our sense of self. We focus on being in control and become self absorbed.

Thus anxiety can be overcome by gaining good self esteem. One needs to be treated and needs to learn that one can accomplish by oneself. One needs to know that one can rely upon one’s own abilities, can trust one’s own judgment. The therapist often gives enough opportunities to learn these things. Eventually they internalize the idea that they cannot succeed in meeting life’s challenge on their own. Without this belief the patients become difficult with low self esteem.

Social anxiety is often encountered in the psychotherapy office of Social anxiety NYC. Working with a supportive therapist, a patient is able to engage in a process to allow himself or herself to unlearn deeply ingrained negative beliefs that have made the person weak all through. This removal makes one strong enough to stand on own feet.

Another very fundamental solution to removing social anxiety and supporting overcoming it is using a simple and natural process. This process is hypnosis and you can restore your confidence by tackling social anxiety head on.

Find out more how you can use hypnosis to alter your thought process and overcome social anxiety.



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