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how to be a good public speaker

how to become public speaker from an expert.

How to become public speaker is something that we need to train for, it is not always natural for us all.

These are Notes taken during a presentation from an expert in the subject of how to become public speaker.

1.Preparation Stage- become public speaker

1.preparation is key

What do you want the people in the audience to leave with?

You have a number of different approaches

1. Logical discussion – ie providing facts and a logical approach to your argument or presentation type.

2. Emotional

Pick 3 or 5 things to talk about and your presentation should be no more than those 3 or 5 points on a powerpoint.

We talk in a flow so 1,2,3 Breath dont over do things with many notes on your powerpoint slide, people will read your slide rather than look at you. You as the public speaker is what the audience has come to look at.

10% is what we say and 90% of the way we act

be sure to make a compelling case.


2. Define what I want to say – What is in it for the listener?

Why is it good for you as the listener?


3. Personal story helps gain the audiences engagement.

Your story is the best story as people can paint a picture of your discussion and topic

Why did I tell this story? You need to capture the audience and repeat the message of why you told the audience your story.

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4.Energy Levels of your speech.

Be sure to prepare for the energy levels of your speech. For example when should you walk, speak loud or slow down in your speech. The power of silence can be rewarding in your speech it gives people a chance to reflect on the topic or making a strong statement

5. the ending of your speech.

In your preparation be sure to ensure the ending is well summarised. The ending is often the most important part of the speech as is summarises the main points and the audience remembers the ending of a speech.

It can be very good to write your ending of the speech down and practice it to be sure you get it right.

6. Content is key to become public speaker

Plan the content of your speech.

  • why is it you are occupying the audiences time
  • I am here today to….
  • We are here to talk about
  • pick the most import points for your discussion
  • summarise your points at the end
  • The endinging needs to be structured with good arguments closing and ending.

become public speaker

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2. Delivering your Speech – become public speaker

1. Bullet vs full sentence speech

reading a speech vs a presentation

It is very important to try to speak to get the best connection with the audience.

You are the presentation after all

You should also know what are on your PowerPoint slides

always read ahead of your slides so you know what topic is coming up


2. Microphone vs No Microphone

Try to use the microphone as little as possible if this is an option for your presentation.

The microphone can be impersonal, as the sound comes from a different location from the speaker.

Having a hand held microphone can be a disadvantage you need to mindful of what you do with your hands.


3. Entering the stage

This is the first connection with the audience

be sure to enter the stage and stand in the middle of the stage to engage all the audience not just the sides.

Establish 3 platforms for which you shall deliver your speech

  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right

so you can connect with all the audience on every aspect.


4. Capture the Audience

Establish friends

Get good eye contact one of the keys of how to become public speaker

how to be a good public speaker through good eye contact

choose a few friends on the sides and the back of the audience also

you can use a few props in your speech

  • joke
  • film
  • music
  • moving around the stage
  • flip chart
  • power point presentation

The PowerPoint presentation should be to the point and only bullet points

If you want to be a powerful confident speaker you need to be the focus and avoid animations and special effects on your PowerPoint as this will distract the audiences attention on the main point of the presentation.

If you are to use flip charts be sure to place it slightly to the side left or right as you should remain in the centre of the stage if possible.

If you are to present a movie be sure to quickly summarise the content before or after to make sure the audience understands its intention in your presentation.


Summary of how to become public speaker

1. Preparation is key

You are the presentation, what is the main point you want to convey?

2.Logic vs Emotion play on both

  • be informative and motivational
  • know how to touch people in a story is to your advantage
  • Be confident and watch your body language and posture

3. Energy levels should be prepared

walking, speaking loud, the importance of slowing down and the power of silence

4. written down speech vs bullet point

if you can learn to use bullet points in your notes it is much easier to connect

5. The ending you should know off by heart as it is the part that people most remember



Hello why am I here

3 to 5 good arguments



Presentation starts when you are introduced

technical problems can happen

joke or say nothing

Use your body language to get things across

ie is this a serious point or not


I hope you find these notes on how to become public speaker useful.

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