building confidence women

Building confidence women

Building confidence women.

Learn that building confidence women is something that is attainable. You know how some women get the man of their dreams and the work they have always wanted… you know how the same women manage to draw all the looks on themselves wherever they go, without even trying?

Well, they are nothing different than any other woman in the country, they just believe in themselves. Building confidence women are working hard to maintain their composure. A woman should be at the same time be modest and confident, there should be a balance, and this is where the hard work should begin.

Building confidence women some of the concepts.

We all want to be like those super confident celebrities and pursue goals which are as high as the heaven, regardless of the difficulties. However in reality, when faced with real and hazardous situations – like asking your boss for a raise or meeting your new boyfriend when he is surrounded by his friends – it is much easier to list the reasons why are you not able to handle the problems instead of focusing on the potential victory.

With this negative mindset the experts say, is a big mistake.In fact, a new study reveals that back in history, hubris (meaning extreme pride or arrogance)was more profitable than prudence.

Building confidence women the secrets

Being assertive  which defines confident women is actually a mechanism of survival which have remained since prehistoric times. Think about it: caveman had to be brave enough to go into the forest and pursue huge mammoths, armed only with a spear. The only way for him to stay alive, was to believe that he is a very good hunter, to believe in himself. Even then, our distant ancestors practiced what psychologists now call “positive wishful thinking” – we instinctively overestimate our abilities and think that we are smarter, stronger, better than we really are. And it happens!

“High self-esteem can be useful if the price of the profit is much higher than the price of pursuing it,” said Johnson.

This was the impetus of the cavemen to hunt … and this explains why, when you go to a club, as if you are the owner of it, you will feel and look terribly confident and glamorous. The purpose may have been difficult to be achieved, but they were so committed to it that eventually they would achieve it. Actually this is a trick of two parts that anyone can learn.

Building confidence women – Analyze and not dramatize the consequences

Step one: Face your fears and analyze what will cost you the challenge you face – this will allow you to really judge what would happen if something goes a certain way, suggests Dr. Julie Norem, author of the book “The positive power of the negative thinking”. This is a technique, which psychologists call “decatastrophy” and can help you predict potential unpleasant consequences. “Use your imagination,” says Norem. “That way, you can escape from your fears and realize that the worst thing that could actually happen in reality is not so bad.”

Building confidence women


What’s the worst thing that your boss can do if you ask for a raise? To fire you? This is definitely not a reason for dismissal. To hit you with a stapler? Also unlikely. To tell you that you’re not qualified or prepared to work on a higher position? It is more likely, but i it is not so terrible. When you see it that way, the choice is obvious.

The confident women come with the self- encouragment. Keep a list in your head of the reasons why are you so great and don’t forget to review it. When you believe in yourself, then others will too! Feel beautiful and unique , because you are!


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