Causes Lack Confidence

lack of confidence

Causes Lack Confidence – Are you someone who suffers from a lack of confidence ?

Discover the Causes Lack Confidence and you are not alone as this lack of confidence is common amongst a large portion of the world’s population. In fact many millions of individuals are hampered by a shortage of confidence. It is a recognition of a lack of confidence that is an important first step. Finding the causes lack confidence will allow you to overcome it. Identifying your lack of confidence will ensure you can help you grow in many areas of your life.

Consider this, it is most likely that your causes lack confidence is the  driving force and number one factor that limits your ability to succeed. Your lack of confidence  can also affect your level of happiness and most notably your satisfaction in life.

Causes Lack Confidence

So here is a simple question, would you like to discover your Causes Lack Confidence?

If you answer is Yes, then great you have acknowledge that you can overcome your lack of self esteem and learn to remove the causes lack confidence. The realisation that a low level of confidence is a reduced level of a positive self worth so to say. It is your thinking that portrays a negative approach to many situations. For example you will often tell yourself I can not do it. The problem lies in your thoughts, you have programmed in a negative mindset about yourself and your own abilities.

So what are some of the drawbacks of this lack of confidence?

Let me provide some aspects that you should be aware of when looking at the causes lack confidence. It can often be quite a debilitating state and if you continue down the road of lacking confidence in your every day life some of the outcomes will hamper your growth further.

1. You shall not achieve if you will not believe in your ability.

You should establish goals to ensure you can track your success and development, it is a great way to drive motivation and challenge your self. For example you might decide that your aim is to establish a sales target or secure a very difficult client to your account. However if you have set a mindset to self defeat from the onset how do you expect to achieve your goals?
It is your own belief that will drive your focus and allow your motivation to go beyond the average. It is taking a positive approach that will ensure that you see the job through no matter how challenging and ensure you reach your desired result or outcome.
Your past failures were simply due to your belief that you would fail. Failing is not the end of the world is is learning to overcome, then move on and improve your outcome that will lead to your confidence gain once more. The challenge often can be that we often feel obligated to perform a certain activity as we believe it will be the way to success and our goal. However while on our journey we half heartedly go about trying to obtain our goals, which can result in a less then ideal performance. This low performance can be considered less then ideal and results in a lowering of confidence yet again.
Causes Lack Confidence
Therefore you take a new approach and look at the challenge in a positive frame of mind. You take on a positive confidence level and you establish and believe in yourself to be able to complete the task with success. This Positive approach is seen by others and should you not achieve your ultimate goal your steps taken and the dedication will be looked upon favourably by your peers and your boss.

2. Negative programing – You see everything in a negative way and you are destined to fail.

Often lack of confidence is the view that every failure you have had is summed to make one huge failure. Unfortunately this mindset does not take into account the success that heave been achieved and we learn through our mistakes. It is true that even the greatest of achievers have indeed made massive failures one time in their journey to success.
One good example is the late Steve Jobs. His journey through life was about the failures and the success. Learning to change and adapt to the hurdles and overcoming every obstacle more resilient and positive. The reality is that failures or challenges are there to test us in life and it is our ability to tackle those challenges and move on. Steve Jobs was not stopped by his challenges he excelled in innovative approaches his failures did not stop him but allowed him to gain the motivation to lead.

3. The causes lack confidence can adversely affect your health.

It is scientifically proven that a body full of negativity and an overwhelming lack of confidence, releases certain chemicals and hormones caused by stress. Stress in itself is not a bad thing in moderation, however over stress can result in adverse body functioning.

Often stress can create fatigue, the hormones can bring about tension headaches, and as time goes on stress can affect our immune system and can lead to other issues as a result.

It is true that Lack of confidence will lead to us being not so happy. If we do not take on a new challenge and explore the world we get trapped in our box and comfort zone creating further lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence – Overcome it today

We strong encourage you to overcome your confidence issues and you owe it to yourself and your family and friends to be a more positive and happy person. Your should take the challenge and try something new that will alter your mindset and create the confidence you need to move on and grow for the good.

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