Confidence for short men

confident short men

Confidence for Short Men overcoming the Short Man Syndrome.

Learning to have confidence for short men, being a vertically challenged guy can be rather tough. However it does not have to be with a new confidence that you will change your own thinking towards your height. Being short you need to remain confident. As often you will be perceived to be weaker simply because of your stature. Unfortunately you may become discounted on your opinions, even ignored, and potentially marginalized. For many this inappropriate behavior towards you can lead to a lower self esteem and potentially depression.

Discrimination can prevail towards a short man and it is having to learn about confidence for short men. This is when you need to be confident and tough. The research indicates for each additional inch in height, roughly translated to approximately 800 USD more in salary annually. The research conducted by Universities of North Carolina and Florida also discovered through their research that taller MBA graduates would receive approximately 12.4% additional salary than their smaller classmates. Also it was uncovered that when graduates who were shorter had a higher GPA or overall higher grades, also had the same issue. It would appear that height plays a big role in perceived Power.

Recently the Food and Drug administration of the USA approved the administering of human growth hormone to children who were shorter. This was not related to illness or medical condition, rather their height. The shorter children although having normal HGH levels and healthy were given access to HGH

As a short man there is also considerable discrimination from the opposite sex. Women may not necessarily want to get into a relationship or become involved with a shorter guy. This can often lead to confidence issues as you may not be taken seriously. Despite your charms, sense of humor, charm and fantastic qualities, it might be that women will not consider a serious relationship. Rather a friendship is more appealing.

There are ways to compensate for your short stature by looking at means to improve your appearance in other ways. Dressing smart and ensuring a good physical appearance such as muscle building is just one approach. Some shorter men might just have a chip on their shoulder and this is what can be considered short man syndrome.

Short man syndrome is the reference given to those who will over condensate their lack of height by other means which sometimes may not be appropriate.

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