Definition of Acrophobia – fear of heights

acrophobia definition the fear of heights

 Definition of Acrophobia  – the fear of heights, learn to overcome it today.

Definition of acrophobia  is just one of many phobias that has the potential to be removed from your life through hypnotherapy. Enjoy a new confidence and a fear free life today.

Definition of Acrophobia 

The word acrophobia is the medical term used to describe the condition of fear of heights. The Definition of acrophobia  has been derived from Greek origins, where the word “acron” is the Greek word for height and “phobos” the word for fear. Acrophobia is most certainly a natural fear and there is nothing wrong with having a fear of heights. It is a healthy fear as evolution has allowed us to comprehend that there are inherent dangers from heights. This natural mechanism or acrophobia prevents us from walking off the cliff for example.

definition of acrophobia

The challenge like any fear is that in certain individuals the natural instinctive fear becomes almost unhealthy or paranoia in nature. The fear creates anxiety and stress which translates into an overwhelming often debilitating condition. If you suffer from Acrophobia this is something you need not ashamed about you are not alone. There are many thousands if not millions of people who suffer from this condition. Certainly many famous also have the same condition such as Woody Allen, Whoopi Goldberg.

Acrophobia is most commonly incorrectly referred to by some as vertigo. Vertigo however is not the same condition and it is the feeling that people experience in certain instances. Vertigo is a sensation of the head spinning or like a sensation of swimming so to say. The vertigo can be caused by certain movements, it might be standing up or sitting down too quick or someone can have a strange visual perspective.

True acrophobia definition is however a more extreme or irrational phobia in which an individual has a fear that is for some strange. An example of Acrophobia might include someone having a fear from just being as high as a few steps on the ladder. This “high place” does not have to be rational for all of us.

Definition of Acrophobia, this phobia of heights can be most dangerous in situations where the sufferer gets into a panic. The fear translates in to a feeling of anxiety and consequently could turns into severe panic when the individual could be up somewhere high. This panic can lead to dangerous practices and the suffer will do anything in order to get back to a safe level. This has the potential to harm themselves and others in an irrational way.

acrophobia the fear of heights - definition of acrophobia

Acrophobia Symptoms.

The symptoms are most definitely similar to different disorders of anxiety. The symptoms of acrophobia can include:

·         very rapid a shallow breathing

·         a rapid heart beat

·         a mouth that is dry

·         feeling genuinely unwell and nausea

·         shortness of breath

Acrophobia avoiding the situation

For many their acrophobia affects them in an adverse way. They simply apply an avoidance strategy, whereby they will do everything possible to avoid any heights. This affects day to day living, the decision where to take a vacation, making the decision to visit friends or relatives. It may even affect working lives also.

It is agreed that having a healthy respect for heights is fine, this is part of natural survival. Acrophobia is thus the extreme sense of the respect rather it goes onto a fear level status rather than respect for heights.

Acrophobia and past experiences

It is typical that those that suffer from acrophobia have been in a situation and have experienced a freighting event in regards to heights. This experience then translates to a “conditional response” when the sufferer is around heights. It may even be as a result of a proxy situation. Such as the child development of a fear through empathy. The child mimics its parents or family and believes heights are something to fear.

The causes are varied, although we know for certain that the fear resides in the section of the mind that is commonly referred to as the subconscious. This is the origin of all of one’s beliefs and most definitely the source of our many feelings. So knowing that our feelings do come from our subconscious, allows us to realize where the issue lies. We can treat the acrophobia very effectively using the technique of hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind and the source of our fears.

Hypnosis is a highly effective principle and natural technique to professionally allow the mind to be safely programmed to remove unnecessary fears. Using an applied hypnosis targeting Acrophobia, the fear can be removed. Using hypnosis to alleviate acrophia is something that is not new, rather it is having access to an instant hypnosis program online that is new. Previously we were forced to pay for professional sessions, now you can have in the privacy of your own home a hypnosis program for easy listening.

Hypnosis will connect to the subconscious level and allow you to identify the experiences and beliefs that create the fear and anxieties we experience. The program allows you to correct your adverse fears and allow you to be less stressed and anxious around heights.

Definition of Acrophobia – the Cures

Overcoming acrophobia is possible, there are a number of cures some more drastic some more natural and effective.

These acrophobia definition cures include

·         the use of prescription drugs

·         hypnosis

·         using positive thinking techniques

·         gradual decrease of the fear through exposure.

We can highly recommend dismissing the use of drugs as an acrophobia cures when hypnosis can provide in most instances a more natural approach without side effects. Drugs on the over hand are not true acrophobia cure in the sense that they are only a temporarily suppression of the symptoms. They do this by using certain chemicals to subdue the mind.

We encourage you to take a more detailed look at the use of hypnosis for acrophobia. This will most certainly be the best decision you have ever made. Change your life for the better through a professionally recorded hypnosis program for acrophobia. I hope you enjoyed this Definition of Acrophobia.




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