Example Subliminal Perception

Example Subliminal Perception

Example Subliminal Perception

What is an example subliminal perception?

World English Dictionary
subliminal perception
psychol  Also called: subception  perception of or reaction to a stimulus that occurs without awareness or consciousness


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The Origins of Subliminal Perception

Subliminal information, messages and perception are associated with the concept of thought control, and the beginnings of  thought control through subliminals are in deed older than you would expect. Mind control is whenever a particular person or number of people may become controlled without their knowledge. It happens to be this subliminal perception below the individual’s/group’s minimum threshold . Additionally it is the notion that people could possibly be made to perform or carry out things they might not typically do. ( Cane )

There are a couple of fundamental methods whereby subliminal messages might be sent to the unconscious- image or visible and auditory. Since approximately the 5th century B .C . , the early Greeks established the science of rhetoric as a means of influencing people. By infusing elements of mind-persuading information into sentences people are able to be manipulated by the language they use . If and when indviduals exposed to “subiliminals” view or listen to specific parts of information ( i .e . words , fragments , or sentences ) situated strategically , an individual may be encouraged by some means ( without possibly realizing ) . According to experimental investigations in social human behaviour along with the way by which we process information, the usefulness of subliminal perception appears to have been continually assessed in the course of history. Subliminal messaging and thought control continues to be under examination, regarding whether it is effective at carrying out what it really intends to do on the targeted man or woman.

We certainly have reason to believe that subliminal messaging is most effective determined by findings in historical contexts. A good example of auditory subliminal messaging goes dating back to the 1920s when the BBC commenced transmission on radio for the very first time . The people of the period believed the radio was so sinister , they regarded it to be the voice of the devil . The BBC wished to alter this frame of mind , and so they put certain keyword phrases using backward masking in their jingles . This could be a good example of subliminal messaging employed to persuade and influence an entire country to responding other than precisely how they specifically wished to. A radio jingle was aired, which seemed entirely innocent, however when played in reverse it will show a different (true) intention. The phrase “This is not a noose, no really it is not.” May certainly be heard. The BBC presumed the subconscious could possibly pick up backward communications in ordinary speech. (Cane ) The BBC is without a doubt nonetheless around today , so did this jingle serve its deeper objective ?

example subliminal perception


General public apprehension about subliminal manipulation may be seen in 1957 while an advertising researcher investigated statistical reports. James Vicary professed to discover impressive increases in the sales of Coca-Cola together with popcorn while he flashed the key phrases “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat popcorn” for 1/2000 of a second throughout a movie. The data demonstrated a boost in popcorn sales by 58%, with a gain in Coca-Cola sales by 18%. (Cane ) This is certainly conceivably the surprising information that generated a tremendous response from the public. Citizens along with legislators anticipated potential effects of subliminal perception on the future- a entire world where everybody was subliminally exploited to perform what perhaps the authorities wanted them to do. (Elliston) Essentially though, investigation on subliminal results has revealed minimal general impacts in controlled circumstances. There is no confirmation based in real-world situations done by leading researchers on persuasion behaviour . Additionally, in 1962 , Vicary claimed that the research was a fabrication and the evidence now indicates it was . He by no means released an in depth explanation of his research and there was clearly simply no unbiased proof to support what he claimed.

Subliminal Perception Examples

We can mention that backmasking which one could consider a form of subliminal perception is the process of recording hidden messages in music which can only be revealed when a song is played backward. This technique was first used by the British Broadcasting Corporation in the 1920s, in an attempt to change people’s negative attitude toward radio broadcasting . Since then, various artists have been accused of lacing their music with efforts to convert listeners from worshipping Satan to killing themselves to smoking marijuana

example subliminal perception

example subliminal perception


SEXPLOSION …. SEX ok is this accidental ? what do you think?

Subliminal Perception Psychology

Psychologists have continued studying subliminal massaging and have found that in order for the brain to be affected by a message, it must have a reason to react to the message in the first place. In a study involving Lipton Ice Tea, a group of participants were divided into two groups. One group witnessed the message “Lipton Ice Tea” flashed on a computer screen. The other group did not receive the same message. The study found that in the first group, only those who were thirsty wanted a drink, and the drink they wanted was a Lipton Ice Tea. The non-thirsty members of the group had no reason to respond to the subliminal message.



Subliminal Perception cont.

Right throughout history, we certainly have turned to political and governmental organizations to take a look at whether or not mind control and subliminal perception has been utilized amongst the community. The CIA , for instance , is just one division of government believed to utilize Subliminal Messaging to be able to gain its influence over large number of individuals . If it is actually effective is up to public opinion of belief and personal reported experience .


In 1974 The U .S . Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) obtained complaints of a tv station making use of subliminal messages. This was the first new case since the original in the 1950’s. The FCC responded by authorizing a community announcement, which announced their official position- “We believe that the use of subliminal perception is inconsistent with the obligations of a broadcast licensee , thereby we seize this occasion to make clear that broadcasts using such techniques are contrary to the public interest . Regardless of whether effective or not , such broadcasts undoubtedly were created to be deceptive .” The United States Of America govt has apparently attempted to take action to guard people from unwelcome influences relayed by subliminal messages. It has developed regulations to prohibit subliminal messages to promote consumer products. Such merchandise include malt beverages and distilled spirits. ( anonymous )

In 1979 there were subliminal anti-theft messages from the music of Musak . It was shown to decrease theft (internal inventory shrinkage as well ) by 37% . ( Cane ) Now , whether this was actually due to the words in the music or to other sources no one can be sure .

In 1985 , the families of two boys who committed suicide sued Judas Priest , claiming the band placed a subliminal message in a song- “Do it”- which is what the families say pushed their sons to commit suicide . The lyrics were purposely buried in the song “Better By You , Better Than Me .” In the end, the case was won by Judas Priest. No scientific evidence was produced to be able to precipitate suicidal conduct. ( Elliston/Cane )

In recent years , the term subliminal perception has been made more general to describe any situation in which unnoticed stimuli are perceived . Subliminal messages can be seen in our advertisements if we look hard enough .

  • Does this mean we are really influenced by subliminal messages?
  • Do we buy certain cars because the rhetoric used enhances our desire to?
  • Do we buy products because the ad in a magazine persuades us underneath our threshold of perception?
  • Do we drink certain brands of soda because of product placement in movies that we perhaps do not notice?
  • Do we recycle because the cast members in primetime television do, but we do not consciously see this while tuning in?

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