exude confidence around men- Confidence tips for women

how to feel confident around men

Exude confidence around men, for women who want to be comfortable around men.

Learn to exude confidence around men, as one of the key criteria for success in the eyes of today’s modern world is Confidence. This key word has every thing to do with our every day lives ranging from our career, our self esteem, our social life and certainly the chance to impress the opposite sex. Exude confidence around men is one of the ways to quickly impress as the confident women who balances her modesty with a sense of confidence certainly go along way to making herself more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Confidence quickly transforms a women making her feel and act smarter, more powerful, prettier and sexier. After all we see confident people dominating the world with their confidence like they have a cool aura that makes them radiate.

So it may be that you are more of a shy type and lack the confidence to inspire. We think it’s time for you to exit your shell and go out and enjoy the world with a new level of confidence. To go our and exude confidence around men.

We are here to inspire and give you the confidence that you so desire. You will find some tips on how to have confidence around men. It is your time to shine and impress the men in your life. Not only will your new confidence impress and land that man, you will now be able to enjoy life to the max and have a new lease on life like no other.

exude confidence around men - confidence is the sexiest thing

Exude confidence around men – the low down

  • You have the chance to feel great about your self all the time.  To Exude confidence around men is all about a basic rule of loving yourself before you love others. As silly as that sounds you need to love you for who you are. To put it bluntly, if you don’t put in your all and be the best you can be while not even valuing your own worth, then how can you be as confident as you want to be. Begin to prioritize your own wants and needs and discover more about yourself and stop being so paranoid about you.


  • Take your friends and go out, enjoy the time with your friends have a few drinks unwind and have fun, drink in moderation of course, no guy likes a drunk chick making a fool of them selves. Dance and move let your energy flow and take the time to go and have the fun you need to recharge. Fun with friends gives you a new level of confidence, experiencing more of the fun things in life. While of course enjoying your time. To take time out with friends is to learn to exude confidence around men.


  • Relax and be causual there is absolutely no need to put added pressure on yourself. In other words keep a cool head, and go about your outing in a fun and relaxed context. After all being relaxed happy and comfortable is one thing that we can consider contagious. People love wo be with relaxed and laid back people, people are drawn to you and will love to spend time with you and your friends. Confidence with a cool laid back approach.


  • Witty and Smart, some of the traits men love, a sense of humour some brains while not being a know it all really turns on a guy. Often men will enjoy a women who is not afraid to express herself. It is this level of expression that makes people unique, and you can not agree to everything that is said entirely you have an opinion right? Guys hate women who try to be something they are not, trust me it will end up biting you on the backside as your true self will shine through for the good if you do express yourself. Do not act or create an image which you are not, it won’t last. Celebrate who you are as an unique individual. Once you realise what a great peorson you are the confidence will follow.


  • The Attention is yours Love it. One you have made a positive impression with you moves, your witt and smarts don’t stop. Draw the attention to yourself in a comfortable way. Forget your hair and the blouse that needs constant adjusting focus on being a secure person. It is about maintaining confidence. Of course eye contact is number one, it will keep you still and focused on the conversation.

So you have now identified a few quick tips and discovered the importance to exude confidence around men. You realise that confidence has a lot to do with how your level of success so to speak is with the opposite sex and you are on a journey of self discovery and confidence building on a daily basis.


You now have a new motivation to start today and we have a book that will inspire you even more.

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