How To Be a More Confident Dancer

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Discover how to be a more confident dancer.

Learn the secret of how to be a more confident dancer. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable when dancing? Or Perhaps you just do not want to dance at all because you are self conscious?

If you are like many of us, you perhaps are not so confident dancing due to your high level of self doubt. You may be worried about people watching your every move. You do not want to make a mistake or embarrass yourself. You may feel that your mistake is another person’s opportunity to judge you. Even to the point where your mistakes or lack of skill may be talked about by other people watching you. Also you have on your mind what your dance partner is thinking about your abilities. Will they walk away from the dance with you, thinking how bad the dance was and talking to their friends and other dancers how poorly you stayed in time. How poor you stepped with your feet and body movements. Perhaps how badly you led or followed the dance moves, the beat or the flow of your dance style.

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All of these thoughts are in your mind and no wonder you have some self-doubt. You are a bad dancer before you even take to the floor, It is in your mind and it is a challenge to remove this negative thinking. This self doubt is a vicious circle, yourself doubt tends to lead to a lack of confidence which ultimately affects your dancing. This self doubt leads you to imagine what else you could be doing wrong in your dancing. You go on to imagine in your mind the audience and your moves, this stress and lack of confidence actually makes dancing not enjoyable. Dancing is fun and you need to find out for yourself how fun it can be through changing your attitudes.

Let’s reflect on what your mind does when we are in a negative frame of mind or our level of confidence is lower than it should be. What we as individuals tend to do is we focus on what we are doing wrong. We tend to exactly what we are worrying about. Perhaps you have come across this simple example, someone says to you “Do Not think of a red elephant”.

Of course the only thing you can think about is that damn red elephant no matter how hard you try and focus away your thinking. Whatever is programmed into your mind will typically stay there until it is programmed out in some way. Usually having the confidence to remove this blockage as an example. In the above example the words “do not” will not stop you thinking about the red elephant. When you become low in confidence, low self-esteem or self doubt you will worry about what others think of you. You will worry about your dance moves and end up doing exactly what you are worrying about.

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So to sum up, in order to learn how to be a more confident dancer, what you are thinking about on a low self confidence level creates self doubt. This affects your ability to focus on enjoying yourself getting into the mood and letting your natural dance ability be affected in a negative way.

Let us put some perspective on the situation, when we are dancing it is also common for the other dancers to be feeling the same way. You will soon realize that your own dancing is nothing to worry about, it is just not worth it. Yes learning how to be a more confident dancer is identifying that there will be times when some others will watch and judge. You may in fact be looking to be in a dance competition, and you will be graded. It is not a value judgment on your performance as an individual rather they will provide expert opinion and feedback.

We too often worry about others, it is true the others think about the others too. In truth people are themselves self absorbed and are not concerned about your performance they just worry about their own performance.

In essence no one really cares, it is long forgotten and you have an opportunity to improve through your experiences in dance.  You can prepare yourself to be more confident in dance by training your thinking towards a positive way of thinking.

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