How to be confident as a single short man

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How to be confident as a single short man – the Answers

How to be confident as a single short man is a look at what it takes to grow not in size but in confidence. We are all individuals and being a shorter guy is not the end of the world. Short men and there are many famous celebrities have become household names, not for their lack of height but because of their ability to conger up the imaginations of power and most certainly success with the ladies is one of them.

The fact that these short men celebrities are able to attract girls is that they are not concerned about their height rather they have a very strong inner confidence and attitude.

You can do a lot to improve your confidence as a short man using some simple techniques.

How to be confident as a single short man in the Shorter term

·         Get yourself a pair of boots with higher heels – there you add at least 2 or 3 inches to your height instantly

·         Be sure to wear vertical stripes with more of a tight fit, an old time remedy to give you an appearance of looking slender and taller at the same time.

How to be confident as a single short man in the Shorter term Longer term

·         Working out provides a more dominant appearance with a well defined body, with good muscle size gives a great deal of confidence. This really is an important factor and having a good muscle size will help you not only appear stronger and taller but will also boost your confidence with a stonger inner attitude to success and poise.

Hitting the gym for confidence doesn’t only apply to short men, guys of all size and shapes ensure to train for their appearance, health and confidence so as a shorter guy you have even more motivation to impress with your bench press and growth.

As a muscled short guy you can play the “pit bull” a short strong beast who won’t be messed with. Experiment with this concept, you do not have to be the polite short guy all your life. When entertaining the ladies, make an attempt to show a little of that inner “badass” that will ensure to give you the confidence to approach and comfortably talk with the ladies.

A simple concept is the principle of affirmations use the pit bull annology here. “ I am becomming pitbull ready to dominate the bigger dogs”

A few weeks later you then affirm your status with “ I AM a pitbull who will dominate bigger dogs”

You have the opportunity to develop a very stong inner confidence using the principle of inner badass.

With a program designed specifically to harness the inner badass in every guy, “The Tao of Badass

Of course you need not be a jerk about the whole bad ass part, rather take on a balacnced approach towards a sofisticated nice guy with your “pit bull” dynamics.

How to be confident as a single short man

The Next Long Term goal is to dismiss the notion of approval seeking.  You need to consider this notion, who really cares what the women thinks of your height? The approach you need to take is take life as a do what you want and just be your self. No need to hide from the fact you are shorter than average, seek to grow not physically rather mentally.

How to be confident as a single short man, some tips:

How to be confident as a single short man, one of the advantage of being a shorter guy is that you can gain more rapport with women, as often many women are shorter by nature themselves. It can be off putting for a shorter women to approach a very tall guy. As is a man who approaches a very tall women. So add a bit of “badass” to the mix and the ladies will be happy to get to you know you more than you believed.

So in conclusion it is is you who makes the uncomfortable status on yourself. It is your thinking that makes you uncomfortable go with an attitude of confidence and your height plays no part with the girls. If you are comfortable with your height so too are the girls.

Often women are not attracted to the height rather the dominance that is portrayed when taller. If you have a good level of inner confidence and project a mesmerizing personality then you will attract like a magnet. Height will be far from their minds.

Summing up on how to be confident as a single short man, be yourself, and try to take a risk once in a while. Develop your “tao of badass” and be sure to dismiss the approval thing.

Take the time to dress the part and give yourself confidence through a new taller dress code and GYM work will do you wonders not only in appearance and also confidence.

If you are looking for a boost in confidence and want to drop the Short man syndrome fast, get yourself a dedicated mind altering hypnosis program designed to tackle your lack of confidence as a short guy.

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