How to stop touching your face so much

how to stop touching your face so much

Learn how to stop touching your face so much with the help of a specifically designed hypnosis download audio. By avoiding the chances of touching your face, you can avoid the likelihood of contracting diseases as well as enhance your well being. By breaking the cycle of repeated face touching you can break the habit head on.

Are you repeatedly touching your face?

Are you often finding yourself touching your face repeatedly throughout the day? Perhaps you are unnecessarily touching your face when you’re anxious or nervous or just out of habit while watching TV or sitting? Do you often find yourself touching your face unnecessarily?

Are you concerned that your face touching may be increasing the risk of infection?

We can touch our face upto 16 to 23 times an hour

Studies have shown that individuals can touch their faces up to 16 to 23 times per hour.1 Each time we touch our own face, the chances of bacteria and viruses being transferred to your most vulnerable areas, such as around your nose, mouth and eyes increases drastically. This face touching can ultimately lead to being infected with any number of diseases. As you may have read most recently Covid-19 or Coronavirus is very contagious and avoiding touching your face area is highly recommended.

Of course, touching your face and transferring viruses and bacteria to yourself, does not automatically lead to becoming unwell. Your immune system is designed to detect and fight off any pathogens that you may come into contact with. But during such times of increased risk – most certainly when pathogens may likely be in higher number. Or when we are faced with a novel pathogen such as Covid-19 or the like. We need to ensure we can avoid any risks where possible and give our immune system all the help we can.

how to stop touching your face

It would be great if we can lighten the risks place on your immune system and ensure we are feeling well and healthy a great deal more of the time! We can definitely all benefit from working on good habits that can lead to better well being and a healthy life. Not only for ourselves but also avoid risks for our families also.

How to avoid touching your face so often

So how to stop touching your face? By avoiding touching your face as often as possible is a very effective and an important way to reduce your own exposure to potentially very harmful pathogens. It is not as simple as just deciding that you shouldn’t touch your face all together.

For many of us, we frequently touch our face because it is a deeply ingrained habit. It is a habit that we have that is without any conscious input. This makes it very challenging to alter our behaviours through sheer willpower alone.

So how is it then possible to break this habit that you never even think about?

From a strictly conscious level, it is possible to reduce how many times you do touch your face by thinking and being aware of what you do with your hands. A good way to increase your awareness is perhaps to use a moisturiser or hand cream that is scented. Perhaps wearing jewlery that is new to you. Or anything really that would make you to think and pause for a second about what you are doing with your hands. For example in a meeting or social situation, you can clasp your own hands together. Or hold something in your hand to avoid the need or want of touching your face.

As we are very much aware of now, hand washing on a regular basis is also extremely important. The more times we are to wash our hands, the chances are that we will carry less pathogens around. This in turn lowers the chances of infections when we do happen to touch our face.

However unfortunately, the suggested short term solutions are unlikely for us to kick our ingrained face touching habit in the long run.

The fact is, we touch our face as a as a subconscious habit. It is extremely challenging to break this subconscious habit using our short term strategies. That is where hypnosis is such a powerful tool. It allows us to work on our subconscious level. By acknowledging that we have a habit of touching our face, we can redirect our habits in to a more healthier situation.

How hypnosis can help to stop touching your face

There is a specific hypnosis audio session titled “Stop Touching Your Face” that will support you to naturally adopt healthier habits. This will reduce your chances of exposure to harmful pathogens.

Simply puschase this download, sit in a comfortable and quite locatoin and You should relax and repeat listening to your hypnosis audio.

By listening to this audio hypnosis session you will find that:

  • You shall naturally reduce touching your face
  • By doing so you will enhou a better wellbeing and health level.
  • You will learn to wash your hand on a regular basis with little conscious effort
  • As well you will feel proud of actively taking care of you and your family.

Visit our partner and Download “Stop Touching Your Face” now. Proceed to enjoy a positive and healthy mindset and avoid the risks in the long term.