Importance Public Speaking Skills

public speaking skills

Importance Public Speaking Skills -Would You like to improve your Public Speaking?

Discover the Importance Public Speaking Skills and learn how they can be mastered. However public Speaking for many is  very stressful and one of the largest fears amongst us. There is a few things that you can do to improve your confidence in public speaking and learn the importance public speaking skills.

Here are a few points of the importance public speaking skills that will improve your confidence in Public speaking:

1. Importance public speaking skills is to know the Subject well.

One of the most important public speaking skills is you need to be confident that you know the subject matter and the more it is that you know on the subject that easier it becomes. Of course knowing your subject is not always possible however if you can research your topic well the more you know about your topic the more you feel confident about speaking in public. Of course even the most experienced public speaker certainly will not be confident in a public situation on in front of any audience if they knew little about what it was that they were presenting.

2. Importance public speaking skills is to write a good set of Notes

This advise will make it easier to reduce some of the stress . You may be one of those people who likes to learn all of the speech of by heart. However confronted with an audience, nerves and the situation can play on your confidence. Therefore we recommend cue cards that can help prompt you to the topics you wish to cover off. We suggest that a few key points is much better then writing out full sentence notes. If you have too many words on a page it is difficult to find the right words at a quick glance and will only add to your nerves losing your place.

If you do have pages of sentences you may full into the trap of just reading out the words rather than talking to your audience. You will appreciate there is a big difference from someone who is a confident public speaker vs a good public reader. Therefore focus on your audience and allow yourself to engage your audience rather than reading. Of course people have not come to see you read.

With your cue cards be sure to write big printed points that are easily read or alternatively if need be print them out. We suggest bullet points only that enable you to take your thought from a clear logical way from one point to another. A clear and coherent transition in a smooth way is best. When going through your dot points be sure not to freak out if you do happen to miss one of your points. The main objective of being a confident public speaker is not about the perfect speech with all your specific points in order, rather allowing your audience to be inspired and receiving a message in a clear and understandable way.

Importance public speaking skills

3. Importance public speaking skills is to give a personal story to engage the audience

having Public speaking skills and being a confident speaker also requires some level of comfort from your part by giving some memorable part of your own self. For example if you were to give a small personal anecdote or story that would allow your audience to be connected with you. Having a personal touch really improves the interaction of your audience. These stories need to be real and true and not some fictitious story your read online. Be real to yourself and to your audience and you will be a much more confidence speaker.

4. Importance public speaking skills is do not be pressured by who your audience is.

Or what you believe your audience may or may not like. It is important that you do have something to say and that you keep the information decent. That is be mindful of what language you use, and what is decent for most crowds and you shall be sure to pull off a great presentation. Yes it is possible that you may upset someone in the audience, however having public speaking skills and being a confident speaker is about ensuring that you do deliver your message in a way as not to be unapologetic. Your task is to ensure that you deliver your public presentation to the crowd and share the information as necessary. As much as you want to please every  one in the crowd it is not always possible.

5. Importance public speaking skills Posture and confidence in body language is important to confident public speaking skills

You may be nervous and your posture is slumped naturally, so think about your posture to show a positive stance. Be sure to stand up tall, ensure to deliver your speech while viewing your audience with some level of eye contact and not looking down constantly at your notes. By keeping a confident posture you will look more confident and fell more confident by sending a very important subconscious signal to your mind. this confidence approach will ensure you maintain a confident feel while in front of a crowd.

Certainly the Importance public speaking skills can be taught although there is more than just one or two specific points to learn and there you go. Rather there are a number of aspects that need to be considered when becoming a confident public speaker. You have the opportunity to take a few of these points and adapt your own flavour to give an original style to your own public speaking skills.

6.Practice is the key

Ensuring you do practice and learn the Importance public speaking skills will only ensure you gain confidence from one attempt to the next. The only way to get better is to practice. Certainly sharing personal comments and having a good knowledge of the subject will make your job easier. Practice in from of the mirror or in front of some close friends or colleague’s.


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