low self esteem test

low self esteem test

Take a low self esteem test to measure your Confidence

By taking a low self esteem test you can determine the self-worth that a person places on him/herself which is referred to as self-esteem. When you have low self-esteem, your work and social life can be hindered. If you feel that you are not worthy, you can fail to succeed even in the smallest things. You cannot succeed in life if you are always underestimating your abilities. It is important to carry out a self esteem test, which will help you to improve your confidence. The following is a low self esteem test.

Questions to ask yourself

The first question to ask yourself is, do you have an awkward feeling in the company of other people? Ask yourself if you feel as if you are the least important person around your friends, co-workers or family. Feeling less important is an indication that you have low self esteem.

low self esteem test - i have this weird self esteem issue

Another self esteem test is to ask yourself, do you obsess over your appearance? Get to know if you are the kind of person who frets over anything and hence concentrates a lot of the negative things you think about yourself rather than the positive ones. This is also an indication of low self esteem.

The other question you should ask yourself to test your self esteem is do you have the habit of ridiculing and putting yourself down whenever you are in public? If you are fond of talking about your weaknesses instead of strengths in public, you should know that you have low self esteem. If you ask yourself the above questions and answer them honestly, you will gain much insight. With this you can proceed to the next step of improving your self esteem.

With your low self esteem test you can decide for yourself if you would like to improve your self esteem

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Ways to improve your self esteem

There are several ways through which you can improve your self esteem.

1. Stay away from negative people who are always complaining about everything. If you associate with them often, they will only drag you down and lower your self esteem.

low self esteem test how to deal with negative people

2. Adapt to changes. There will always be changes in life and you should learn to adapt to them. Move with the changes and take them as things that will help you improve. You should be prepared for the many changes you will encounter in life since this will help you improve your confidence.

adapt to change

3. Take failure as a lesson. When you fail in life, you will experience pain but you should not allow this to torment you. Take failure as a lesson and whenever you fall down, do not dwell on that but stand up and start moving on.

never a failure always a lesson

4. Avoid viewing the world negatively. Control whatever you hear about the world and do not dwell on the negative things regarding the world since they will only lower your self esteem.

avoid viewing the world negatively

5. Know your identity and protect it. You should learn that your identity is made up of who you feel you are and not how other people perceive you. Even though you do not feel positive most of the time, you can choose to be positive. Work on your weaknesses and strengthen your positive attributes.

protect your identity

Improving your self esteem means that you have to take control and make things happen. You should be responsible for who you are. You can easily start the road of developing self esteem by being happy and remaining positive. In addition to that you can practice the things mentioned above and you will succeed.

By completing a self esteem test you can determine your current status and makes changes to improve your self esteem in a positive way for the NOW and the future.

Take the low self esteem test Test NOW.

low self esteem

The below self esteem test or low self esteem test is a fast and basic test to help gauge your level of self esteem. Simply answer TRUE or FALSE for all the questions. Should you not be able to answer 100% true then you should answer False. Take the low self esteem test to rate your level of self esteem. Find the score method below.

low self esteem test

Scoring Method

TEST YOUR SCORE: Take the number of True answers you provided and add them up each true score is worth 1 Point.

if you scored

between 15-16 Points – then you can say that you do have a level of self esteem which is high.

between 12-14 Points – You are doing well and your self esteem is good however you do have some opportunity to make some improvements.

between 8-11  Points – You would be considered to have a Low self esteem. This is going to hold you back from you full potential and you can act now to improve your self esteem.

If you scored Below 8 Points – then you need to act immediately your esteem is very low! You should take the opportunity to get back on track with a few simple methods.

resource box :    http://www.more-selfesteem.com/test.htm

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