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Improve your Posture for Confidence

Learn the secret to improve Posture for confidence. It was interesting to discover something new when I had some photos taken recently. In one of the pictures it was clear that my posture was not that great, I had my shoulders drawn in. I was not standing with a straight back rather hunched over. The fact I liked the smile that showed on my face had little relevance. The mere fact that my shoulder positioning was not speaking confidence. The aspect of posture for confidence is something that I regularly teach as part of my work.

It was a few months ago that I had a client that had one of those really not so strong wimpy voices. It was not until that I met with this man did I realize that my initial vision of this wimpy guy was lost when I went to shake his hand. His hand shake was firm and he stood with a confident posture with a head that was held high. Although his voice was not powerful so to speak, he exuded confidence. It was at this point that I realized that prior to meeting him and while speaking with him during our phone conversation, I just assumed that he was someone who could be lacking security and insecure of himself. The handshake, the posture and confidence in his body language painted a different picture.

Posture for confidence -Your  body language speaks for you,  as well does your voice.

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Let us take a fine example of how our body dictates the situation. If you were to stand still while conducting a presentation without even moving your arms, you are telling to the audience a story of lack of confidence. You are presenting a scared to death approach as having a rigid stance, is not going to impress the crowd with a confident speaker. Yes it is quite possible that a few nerves may be expected, however you must not convey to the audience through body language your true feelings.

Posture for confidence- Do you consider your Posture and what it is saying?

Think for a minute to think about your walking style, question and look at yourself in the mirror, is your head drooping or slumped over are your shoulders the same way slumped? If you are one that looks at your feet while walking rather then what lies ahead, then your body screams discomfort. Even if you should feel secure, posture says so much, the fact your head and body is no conveying confidence, it is projecting a body image of lack of confidence and not one with confidence.

When you walk, are your shoulders and head slumped down or drooping? If you can easily see your feet when you walk and not what lies ahead of you, then your body is screaming uncomfortable. Even if you feel secure, the posture of your head and body is saying something else. What this means is that the image you are projecting is not one of confidence but indeed the lack of it.


How would you like to improve posture for confidence?

You have the opportunity to quickly improve your posture for confidence.

It is true we know we must improve our posture, however it is a common occurrence that as we are doing many things, our focus on our posture is ignored and we fall into the trap of bad posture.

So you might ask have is it possible to improve my posture without needing to think of it constantly?


Modern Living is creating  poor posture

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Today, without a doubt the amount of physical activity that we modern humans are doing is far from ideal. We spend a great deal of time sitting. For example we sit whilst driving, working on a computer and just sitting while watching TV. The amount of sitting can lead to lazy habits and poor posture can result in back aches, neck discomfort, looking much older than we are. It can also be unhealthy as the pain, muscle stiffness, potential bad blood circulation can lead to serious issues. Breathing can also be affected how we sit, how we stand or how we walk.


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What are the benefits of an improved posture for confidence?

As already discussed we know now that an improved posture will make you feel and look much more confident. An improved posture makes you vigorous and more youthful and makes you feel more alive at the same time.

As you improve posture you will actually feel more relaxed, feel more healthy and feel more comfortable and even feel possibly taller at the same time.

Should you need to improve your posture when sitting, or when walking, standing or lifting it is crucial that you focus on achieving better posture. Second and paramount to your better posture you can use your unconscious mind to embed the best posture possible and make it second nature to who you are and what you stand for.

You have the opportunity to use hypnosis to stick your new habit of great posture and make it instinctive. To the point that improved posture is instinctive and you need not even think about it. You can improve your posture an auto pilot and make it automatic.


Find out more about  Improve Posture hypnosis now. You will find this investment of your health and confidence very affordable and well worth your time. Improving posture for confidence all at the same time.




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