Social Anxiety Disorder Self Help  

social anxiety disorder self help

Social Anxiety Disorder Self Help, – Improve Self Confidence to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

Learn the best social anxiety disorder self help methods. Improving confidence is one way that can help support with overcoming Social anxiety disorder. Social Anxiety disorder is an issue that affects many and is a state of discomfort as a result of emotional factors. This may include aspects of worry, a fear of going through the un ease of facing a public situation. Certainly as child in our development stages some level of anxiety existed ans this is part of our learning in social development. However the question then exists what will happen if social anxiety still prevails as we get older? Unfortunately this social anxiety disorder exists and it is certain that the effects on our mind and body are unhealthy. Fear and anxiety does not support our confidence and over the longer time frame can be really debilitating.

In order to overcome social anxietydisorder we must first recognize our self worth. We must improve self confidence to overcome social anxiety disorder. The question then is how can we improve self confidence? It is very unlikely that we would have been taught this at school, it is a self discovery that teaches us confidence. We need to discover self confidence and use it when it is required.

Fortunately we can learn to be self confident using a number of practices, here is a simple 5 step process that can help.

social anxiety disorder self help

Step 1 for social anxiety disorder self help

Measure and understand your own self, this is a self awareness. You need to first understand the problem, assess yourself and identify what it is that triggers your anxiety. What are the variables or what are the situations that cause you to falter in a social setting? You need to address the issues and find the solutions.

Ask yourself what it is that you are anxious about or what is it that you are trying to avoid. Ask these questions:

·         What am I trying to avoid?

·         Is it because I don’t look good?

·         Is it because of the clothes that I wear?

·         Is it what people might think of me as a person?

So once you have identified your fears the only way to overcome them is to face them. Reality check, running away will not be any good your fears will only just find you. You might run away for a while but too often your fears will be underlying and pop back up.

We need to learn that challenges, problems, difficulties in life are always going to be there. We just need to head them off and enjoy them for what they are small challenges that need to be overcome gradually and you will soon realize they can be overcome.

Step 2 for social anxiety disorder self help

You need to learn to reduce yourself consciousness. The issue is that we typically over analyze things and put far too many scenarios in our mind. We think far to much about what might happen if we do this or what if we happen to do that. You need to concentrate on what you are doing with others or by yourself and focus on that and not what might happen. It is learning to go with the flow and people will not even notice your attempts to avoid things. The idea is to think positively and learn to relax while understanding that things will run smoothly.

Step 3 for social anxiety disorder self help

Learn to love yourself. It is a new concept for many however we must try to change the way we think of ourselves. We can discover they way to appreciate who we are. As much as we may want to change ourselves it is not always possible. We try too hard, we want to change the appearance of our nose. Or we just want to change every fine little detail to the point of obsessive. We are who we are for a reason, and we are individuals who should be respected by not only others but most importantly by ourselves. It is just common sense, as the saying goes, “we cannot love someone else until we have learnt to love oneself”

social anxiety disorder self help

Step 4 for social anxiety disorder self help

Learn to take a Optimistic approach to our lives. We need to be positively charged with energy, being pessimistic is not going to make anyone’s jobs easier, we need to be Optimistic and so will our confidence. It is taking even the smallest level of optimism in any situation and growing that optimism. If you are a short man or a short women so what. You need to take the challenge of being confident for what you have been given. Look for all positive aspects in life and this positive energy will grow. Discover the ability to reject negative thoughts and replace these negatives with positives.

Step 5 to for social anxiety disorder self help

As much as you want to avoid them, join activities, Improve Self confidence to overcome social anxiety but meeting people. Learn to mingle and participate. You need to set yourself a goal, take something smaller for a challenge, something that is out your comfort zone or box, however not far from it and join in. An easier accomplishment adds to your confidence. You learn to be part of the group or the community. You will be soon welcomed with open arms. Your ill feelings of your self will be disappearing in no time.

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