Subliminal Downloads – What are the possibilities?

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Subliminal Downloads, let us examine what is possible. There are scientific studies that demonstrate that with subliminal messages, influence is possible. This is the goal of subliminal downloads. Each download is different. Some are focused on specific behaviors. Some also use different techniques to encode the subliminal message. Each individual may react differently to each example of these subliminal downloads. Typically though there are three expected types of reactions that can be created by the influence of subliminal downloads.

Gradual Change

This is perhaps the healthiest form of change. Whether the change is conscious or unconscious most doctors will inform you that gradual change allows the body to adjust better. It can also be easier on the individual in regard to mental and psychological aspects. A gradual change may take place over months or even a year. Often the change is the result of a consistent effort. It is generally most notable by the presence of a shift in lifestyle, not simply changing one or two actions.

Subliminal downloads may cause these types of changes in some people. At first the process may involve regularly using the downloads. Then later the individual may find that there is little need for them. Once the new lifestyle is established there may be no need to continue to listen. However it can be important to once and a while review your situation and if needed a top up of a subliminal download can be useful.

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Immediate Reinforcement

These can be helpful in some cases. Usually support methods that you are conscious of may be most helpful. There is a slight potential for becoming reliant on these methods. As a result a method that you are conscious of may be more easily phased out. It may also be more easily distinguished from similar occurrences in daily life.

There is the potential for the use of subliminal support as immediate reinforcement though. One example of this was observed in a study. Images were shown at a subliminal rate. The result was that the effort put forth by the individual corresponded to the image that was shown. The effort in question was physically squeezing a meter.

Immediate Change

This is a potentially negative effect of subliminal downloads. Even if the change seems to be toward the way the individual wants to be, an immediate and lasting change may represent a negative reaction to subliminal stimuli.

If you would like to take advantage of the possibilities of subliminal downloads, we recommend you try it.

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