Symptoms Low Self Esteem

symptoms low self esteem

Symptoms Low Self Esteem  – Utilizing Hypnosis to Overcome Self-Esteem Issues.

Some of the symptoms low self esteem can be found is this touching story. This story is not unique, for many individuals who suffer symptoms low self esteem go through the same type of concerns daily. However there is an answer to your worries, there is a way to remove the symptoms low self esteem and tackle the root cause. This is through the use of dedicated hypnosis programs designed to conquer low self esteem once and for all. Read on to discover how to remove your own symptoms low self esteem for a more enriched life.

Since early childhood, Brett, now 29 years old, has suffered from serious depression. He is a single male who lives alone. He infrequently contacts friends from College and High School, but hasn’t had a “night out” in over a year. His girlfriend of two years left him when he was 25, and he hasn’t been on a date since. He works a 9-5 job, grabs fast food for dinner, and gets to bed by 10:00.

symptoms low self esteem

His weekend’s revolve around the t.v., and aside from infrequently communicating with workmates, he spends most of his off-days evaluating where he is in life, and thinking “life has to be better than this”.His life is predictable and consistent. When therapists asked Brett to evaluate himself, his responses were typical. I have never been good at anything. Sports, academics, relationships, and jobs have all led to the same natural response, mediocrity.

Being the third child of three boys, Brett felt like a hindrance to his single mother. Both older brothers were great athletes at a small High School in his small hometown. The older boys new everyone in town. They dated the popular girls, hung out with the “cool crowd”, and were always busy with sporting events, at the movies, or at a friends house having fun.

Both boys had little interest in their little brother because he wasn’t like them. Brett never fought that notion because it was true. Brett’s brothers went to college, have successful careers, and are married with children. Brett speaks with his brothers once a year during the holidays at Christmas dinner at his mother’s house. The drive to dinner is stressful. These are common symptoms low self esteem.

The drive home after dinner is the same every year. Brett looks at the success of his siblings, and struggles with his lack of success to the extent that he has difficulty sleeping. If this is what Brett has to look forward to every year, he will probably continue to do it depressed, and alone.

As a kid, Brett was very outgoing. He had a number of friends in school, his academics were above average. In the sixth grade, kids began to notice Brett was overweight. He was ruthlessly picked on by the other kids. His brothers and even his mother seemed to neglect him. Mom worked long hours and spent her off-time at one of Brett’s older brother’s sporting events. He often cooked for himself, and began to do things independently.

Progressively, Brett thought he could handle the “speedbumps” of life by himself. “I am what I am” was the false self-image Brett thought of himself. Countless hours with multiple therapists have left Brett wondering if his self-esteem would improve. Brett’s insurance plan and co-pay costs have increased. His bi-weekly therapy meetings have been cut to once a month. He is in the same position he was in five years ago, with no improvement on how he views his future, and more importantly himself.

Symptoms low self esteem, something needed to change.

Hypnotherapy for self-esteem was recommended by a therapist whom had studied and witnessed the positive effects that Hypnotherapy had on a close friend. Since beginning self-esteem hypnosis  to remove the symptoms low self esteem, through courses and downloads. Brett has entered a new stage in life. A stage where self-assessment isn’t blurred by what others “might” think of him. Brett now looks differently at his world, looking at what he is good at, and what Brett can offer.

Through hypnosis to improve self esteem, Brett remembers what was good as a child. He remembers the fun and romantic moments in his last relationships. These memories are stepping stones that will assist Brett in remodeling a life that was slowly deconstructed since childhood. Brett has recently been dating. He has “put himself out there” by going to plays and sporting events participated by his older brother’s children. He has felt more rejuvenated, and realizes that recognizing the “good” is necessary in overcoming the past. Hypnosis helped Brett increase positive self-esteem, and promote the small steps he needed to take to enhance his life. Hypnosis has helped millions, and could help you!

Loose your symptoms low self esteem today, explore our partner hypnosis download provide’s dedicated library of self esteem hypnosis, to grow your own beliefs and achieve more in life through your own believe system.



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  1. I just want to know whether or not you think that hypnosis is completely protected and may be utilised ethically, I know there have already been alot of scare stories in the past of a svengali like hypnotist who seems intent on performing terrible points, and I didn’t know if this was a realistic factor or some thing that hypnotists can basically do.

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