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About Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis and HypnosisDownloads.com

We take a look into what uncommon knowledge hypnosis is all about and a review from our personal experience. We truly believe that uncommon knowledge produce the best Self Hypnosis Audio on the market.

When looking to transform your life, knowing hypnosis is readily available to support in any change you desire is a comforting feeling. Hypnosis is something that many may feel a little uncomfortable with. However it is important to establish a better understanding of why you should explore the benefits of self hypnosis. You just need to visit and read the research at www.hypnosisdownloads.com to quickly discover a professional organisation. The team are producing professional highly researched hypnosis mp3s and hypnosis products designed for you.

That is why we have partnered with the pioneer of hypnosis audio, uncommon knowledge hypnosis where they have created HypnosisDownloads.com in 2007. Since we are confident from our own personal use, that your results will be beneficial for you. Why bother with sending our readers to a sub professional organisation.

Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis is the organisation behind hypnosisdownloads.com

They are a company that specialises in psychological training, running their professional practice founded in 1995.

Uncommon Knowledge’s mission statement and underlying concept  is the belief in utilising  a common-sense psychology. The uncommon knowledge team build their technique on the foundation that mankind possess a collection of ‘primal needs’. If these ‘primal needs are not met then it has been found to bring about psychological together with actual physical troubles.

Every one of the programmes at Hypnosis Downloads has been developed by Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott who are the senior founders of Uncommon Knowledge. With the support of a dedicated team with special support from Rebekah Hall  and Joe Kao.

uncommon knowledge hypnosis

What makes uncommon knowledge hypnosis different

With out a doubt, not all hypnosis products are the same.  Some hypnosis products might even be considered somewhat ineffective or not designed to delve into the issue effectively.

The uncommon knowledge organisation have worked extensively to establish a framework for their hypnosis products. Their hypnosis uses psychology that is sensible, effective and efficient and is supported by research that has been deemed to be world class.

What hypnosis downlads.com puts down to their differentiation over other companies online is five major aspects.

  1. 4 experienced hypnosis practitioners who have established “therapy brains” collaborate on all hypnosis downloads that they have available in their extensive range. Their dedication and perfection approach have established hard work to to make certain each individual download is a masterpiece.
  2. The hypnosis downloads.com team are professional psychologist instructors – having established their practice  in 1995  and in this time have taught over 24,500 individuals at different events.
  3. The fact that there has been over half a million hypnosis downloads sold, ensures that hypnosisdownloads.com  the largest hypnosis provider on the planet.
  4. The team of four  hypnotherapists, have taken care of more than five thousand clients using personalised one on one  therapy.
  5. The online email course has been taken by Over six hundred thousand individuals.

The numbers speak for themselves, this is an established highly professional organisation dedicated to helping you establish the best in your life.

What Is Uncommon Knowledge hypnosis used for?

Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Firstly, with a very extensive number of hypnosis downloads, in fact with over 1200 hypnosis downloads that have been classified under different categories. Their extensive range of hypnosis audio downloads caters to a varying number of people with different areas they wish to improve.   For example there are hypnosis audio downloads for overcoming fears and phobias, anxiety, or enhancing one’s positive skills, beliefs and abilities. We believe the range is very impressive and well worth the time to browse through the library and read more about hypnosis advantages

Secondly, you will discover that on their informative website, each category has an information page and a selection of individual, multiple buy discounted packs to choose from suitable for your budget needs.

Finally, when you decide to click on the download option, the price is revealed for each individual download.  You will also find other recommended options, packs and multiple buy pricing offers.

When you decided to listen to your purchased hypnosis audio. They are approximately 20 minutes in duration. You should find a comfortable place to listen away from distraction. The audio will start with a general safety warning, such as not to listen to the audio when driving or operating heavy machinery or where you are require concentration.not to use the download while driving or doing any activity that requires concentration.

Prior to the actual hypnosis session commencing, Mark or Roger will give a brief explanation of the topic of the hypnosis and and they will explain what to expect and goals for your hypnosis session.

Help And Support at hypnosis downloads

There is a substantial amount of informative content on the Uncommon Knowledge websites. This also includes some videos to help explain the benefits of using hypnosis audio. Should you require further information or support they offer a  Help Center where you are able to read the Frequently Asked Questions. Or should you need further assistance you are welcome to email via Zendesk.

My Personal Opinion Of uncommon knowledge hypnosis downloads

I have purchased a number of hypnosis downloads for my own personal use.  My reason for purchasing hypnosis downloads was to support a good nights sleep. I often have an overactive mind and coming to rest can be a challenge. I purchased two sleep audio hypnosis downloads. One in particular I find most beneficial.

Perfect Partners : Waking Up in the Night + Go Back To Sleep (info)
– Waking Up in the Night (info)
– Go Back To Sleep (info)

Another hypnosis download was to help with digital detox. Admittedly I have yet to listen to the hypnosis on a regular basis and this is strictly a discipline aspect.

Digital Detox (info)

What I have found is that the hypnosis works differently depending on your level of concentration and state of mind. It will take a number of listens for the real work to take place. The good thing of course is once that you have paid for the audio and downloaded it, you can use it as many times as you feel necessary.  And I find that it does require a refresher listen to achieve optimum results.

So in conclusion, I have no doubt that  Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis is a place where you can go to secure suitable hypnosis audio.  The team behind uncommon knowledge are highly skilled and professional. They create and produce high quality audio and provide efficient and courteous service.   Therefore, I highly recommend them.

What more is they also offer additional training and support as well.

We are happy that you have taken the time to read about the possibility for  a rewarding change to your life through hypnosis.

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