Using Subliminal Messages to focus your mind into a confident Chick Magnet

Using Subliminal Messages to focus your mind into a confident Chick Magnet

Attracting Georgeous Women is All Just Confidence

Is attracting women all in the mind?

We all know somebody that appears to just naturally attract women. He can walk into a room and women look him up and down. Women find him attractive (even if he is only average looking). They naturally are drawn towards him and they even start flirting without him starting the interaction.

The “naturally attractive” man barely needs to try, he just talks naturally and they hang on his words and giggle at his jokes.

Often though he is not the best looking in the room, he just has that hard-to-find “edge” – perhaps it is charisma, whatever it is he has a presence.. an energy. If you go right to the source he has 100% confidence with girls.

This implies that attracting women is not only good looks – to really attract women naturally you need the right mindset!

These men who naturally attract women all have similar shared beliefs . They believe that:

  • They are obviously attractive to women.
  • That they deserve to date and sleep with stunning girls.
  • That women find them interesting.

More than this though they enjoy talking to women, they get fired up rather than scared, and they think about the positives which may take place when talking to women and either dismiss the possibility of being rejected, or simply aren’t troubled by it.

Having this perspective really creates the difference, it is the main reason that women find them desirable – they are confident, forward and outgoing.


You too can develop these types of personality traits, you can become an alpha male, and start attracting women naturally.

One of the most straightforward ways to do this naturally is with the power of subliminal audio.

In a very similar way to hypnosis you are sending positive information into your mind to change patterns of thinking which you might not be able to change with conscious development alone. It basically eliminates your negative self beliefs about yourself, and the limiting beliefs you have concerning your ability to date beautiful women, it then replaces them with positive beliefs, the kind shared by those men who are confident with women naturally.

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