Ways improve self esteem

how can i improve self esteem

Ways improve self esteem – Quick steps to get you on track

Learn ways improve self esteem, Improving self esteem is something that almost everybody always thinks about. It doesn’t really matter whether you are actively perusing it or subconsciously working on it. The bottom line is that everyone wants ways improve self esteem and have high self esteem.

This article attempts to show you ways improve self esteem.

This is very important as it equips an individual to face tough and unpleasant times in life. The problem however is that high self esteem is not something that can be acquired overnight. It takes a lot of time and dedication for an individual to realize that he/she is a good human being worth respect and love. Below are some tips for people wondering ways improve self esteem:

ways improve self esteem

  • You first need to recognize those things that make you feel inferior. Whatever it is that makes you feel ashamed and inferior of yourself should be noted down. This could range from acne to past traumatic experience, poor class work and so forth. It would be easier to overcome whatever drawback if you know it.
  • You should also start your process of building self confidence in a small manner. If you successfully complete a small task, you gain momentum in confidence building process. Every successfully completed task, regardless of how small it may seem is always a building block towards a more confident individual. On the contrary, attempting bigger tasks that are impossible to complete will greatly derail your confidence levels if you fail in them.
  • You should also look back at your past achievements. It is very easy to loose confidence if you believe that you have not achieved anything worth while. Focusing on your past successes, whether small or big will help you gain perspective of your talents and abilities.
  • Talking to your friends, coworkers or relatives about your fears can also help you over come it. They say that a problem shared is half solved. You are likely to realize that one of these people suffered from low self esteem in the past. They can prescribe to you the methods they used to overcome their fears.


  • You should also try to do those things that you find scary. As with all skills, you will get better and better with practice and repetition. So the more times you proactively do those things that you find scary, the less scary they will become and eventually will rid off. So if it is public speaking that scares you, practice it as frequently as possible. If it is talking to people of opposite sex that puts you off, you should try to speak to as many of them as possible.
  • Setting goals may also help. By setting targets that are apparent and attainable, you will have a target that you work towards. By taking steps towards that goal, your self confidence will greatly be boosted. However, your goals must be realistic.
  • External compliments may also help. If you feel that you have done something great in the office, you can ask your colleagues what they think about it. Likewise, if you have done something at home, you can ask the opinion of your family members.

Those positive compliments that you receive from third parties can work miracles on your confidence levels.

I hope you use these tips to find ways improve self esteem.

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